Rivista di diritto finanziario e scienza delle finanze

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Rivista di diritto finanziario e scienza delle finanze

fasc. 02,7 NOVEMBRE 2019


Sommario: Sommario: Summary: 1. Surveillance capitalism. — 2. Digital platforms and the subordination of the ordinary economy. — 3. The social dividend. The natural resource. The guaranteed minimum income. — 4. The labor dividend of human capital. — 5. Data as work. The intellectual creators. — 6. Subsidiarity, public goods and common goods. — 7. The excess digital profit. Behavioral surplus. — 8. Predictive products. The future digital derivatives. Speculation by inference. — 9. The tax on personal data. The location of a specific income. The Ricardian income. Natural resources. — Conclusions.

A new economic order that qualifies the human experience as a free raw material for hidden commercial purposes of mining, prediction, and, sales. ...

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